Press Releases

Brand Date Press Release
Bar's Leaks 09/30/2014 New Bar’s Leaks® One Seal™ Stop Leak Fixes Oil, Transmission and Power Steering Leaks
Bar's Leaks 01/08/2014 Bar’s Leaks’ Leading Head Gasket Repair Product Repackaged for Greater Shelf Presence
Rislone 10/29/2013 Ethanol Fuel Treatment Prevents Costly Ethanol-Related Damage In Cars, Trucks And Boats
Bar's Leaks 10/01/2013 See the Latest Rislone® and Bar’s Leaks® Products in New High-Profile Location at AAPEX
Rislone 09/23/2013 Eliminate Engine Knock and Increase Power with Octane Booster
Rislone 08/21/2013 Stock Up on Rislone® Water Remover Fuel Dryer to Meet Winter Demand
Rislone 06/17/2013 Easily Install Any Fuel Additive into Any Vehicle with New Rislone® EZ Nozzle™ Funnel
Rislone 05/21/2013 Find the Right Fuel Additives with New Rislone® Online Selection Guide
Rislone 04/29/2013 Engine Treatment Concentrate Gets The Sludge Out
Rislone 03/26/2013 Expand Your Customer Base with New Diesel Fuel System Treatment
Rislone 02/18/2013 Refresh Worn Engines Using New One-Size-Fits-All Compression Repair with Ring Seal
Bar's Leaks 01/15/2013 Bar’s Leaks® Introduces Cooling System Repair
Rislone 11/29/2012 Innovative Rislone Fuel Treatment Bottle Earns Aapex Packaging Award
Rislone 11/09/2012 Rislone Introduces World's Most Complete Gas & Diesel Fuel System Treatements
Rislone 11/08/2012 Rislone Introduces Six Super Concentrated Fuel Additives
Rislone 11/07/2012 New Rislone Ez Nozzle™ Smoothly Delivers Fuel Additives To Any Vehicle, Even Those With Capless Fuel Tanks
Bar's Leaks 08/14/2012 New Bar’s Leaks® Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair™ Stops Oil Leaks Affordably
Bar's Leaks 06/06/2012 Bar’s Leaks® and Rislone® Launch Tech Minute and “How To” Video Series
Bar's Leaks 05/31/2012 Easily Fix Heater Core Leaks with Liquid Aluminum
Bar's Leaks 04/03/2012 Liquid Copper™ Repairs Leaking Intake Manifolds
Bar's Leaks 03/01/2012 New Website Helps Customers Find the Right Bar’s Leaks® or Rislone® Solution for Vehicle Problems
Rislone 02/23/2012 Bar’s Products/Rislone® Earns AutoZone Mexico Extra Miler Award
Bar's Leaks 01/23/2012 Step Up to Professional Strength Cooling System Repair This Winter
Bar's Leaks 11/29/2011 Get Ready for Cooling System Stop Leak and Head Gasket Repair Demand
Bar's Leaks 09/14/2011 For the Toughest Cooling System Leaks, Bar’s Leaks® Liquid Copper Is the Solution
Bar's Leaks 08/11/2011 Blown Head Gaskets Don’t Mean Blown Budgets With Bar’s Leaks® Head Gasket Fix
Rislone 07/19/2011 Fuel Injector Cleaner Maximizes Vehicle Power and Mileage
Bar's Leaks 04/12/2011 Bar’s Leaks® Rear Main Seal Repair™ Stops Persistent Oil Leaks
Rislone 03/11/2011 AutoZone Mexico Names Bar’s Products 2010 Vendor of the Year
Rislone 07/29/0013 Versatile Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner Solves Fuel System and Engine Issues